Saturday, March 8, 2008

New grandmother

An official message to let the world know that today I found a new grandmother, her name is Lidia Schryver and she is 85 years old. Next to her other 13 grandchildren, she adopted Nathalie and me at the last night of Colour Conference 2008. During the conference we did Dutch translations for her and she was adorable. She fell in sleep a couple of times during the messages... how cute...asked me to whom I was talking and talked back to us while we were translating, but nonetheless we had the best time with her. She made my day and I will seriously miss her, and Nathalie, and the team, and all the 17.000 women, and the great speakers, and the fun, the joy, the love, the commitment, the food, the coffee trips to Muffin Break and my volunteers t-shirt. Next year I hope to be a delegate myself in the Royal Albert Hall in London :). We shall see...

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