Friday, May 30, 2008

Free to express

Chapels are my favourite part of the day at Bible College. I love to worship our Lord and just the idea that there are over 40 nations resembled in worship is so powerful. A while ago we were signing 'Here I am, send me' and passion took over and all I could think was: 'Lord, yeah..that is my desire to be send out Lord, use me to make Your Kingdom known to a lost world. That is my dream, my future, my hope..'.

But I also know that it is so easy to loose your passion and dreams, to step out of the calling that God placed on your life..sometimes even without noticing it.. So I said to God: 'You can see my passion, my heart at this very moment..You know my desire to serve you and to be sent into this world. I never wanna loose even a single bit of this passion Lord! Take away my free will to step out of the calling or to forget the calling that You have placed upon my life.

Sometimes I will ask God questions, even if I already know the answer.. Just to get a deeper understanding of His ways, a greater revelation of His love or a clearer view on His plans. God just tell me 'why' again.. And God answered: 'You know that I won't take away my biggest gift to you, your free will! I want to call you out every day and send you every day again. Just to show you that I have chosen you, because you are so special to me, because I love you so much. And I want you to make the choice to be sent out, every day again. The choice to follow me and to serve me..just to show me that you love me too.

I choose you every day, because that gives you the opportunity to choose me every day..

He gives us a free will so that we are able to express our love for Him!!

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